Hi! I am Jane Mathews, a woman busy navigating midlife, Chewbacca hair and all. I am the mother of a beautiful and naughty teenage girl and a son with improbably large Jeff Koons sized shoes and an impressive floordrobe.  In a previous incarnation I worked in advertising (more Peggy than Joan) all over the world.  I was born in England and still have a love of Marmite and rain and a cut glass accent to prove it…   Rather than following the “Eat, Pray, Love” model of swanning round Italy, India and Indonesia, my journey of self discovery and transformation takes place, as we speak, in my little red doored house in Sydney which I share with my children (sometimes) and Rory the banana-eating farting Airedale terrier.  (It’s just dawned on me that one probably leads to the other...)


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Choosing change over crisis

“Midlife Manifesto” is a comprehensive life plan, written by someone who’s been through it herself, designed to lay out a clear path to take you from where you are now to living the life you imagine. 

Often we are steered off the course that we are meant to be on.  This book helps you identify what that course is- your vision – and practical action steps to take, so that what you want becomes what you have

Seven chapters cover different aspects of your life:

  • Relationships
  • Your body
  • Your spiritual self
  • Interests/work
  • Your home
  • Personal style
  • Financial independence

In the last chapter, your thoughts are gathered together to form the basis of your own life plan – your personal Midlife Manifesto. It is the bedrock and companion to your midlife transformation.

This make my book sounds quite serious and earnest, but really it’s not!  Think of me as a cross between an empathetic friend and a snow plough, clearing the way for you…  The book is full of anecdotes, tips, food for thought, and signposts to other resources to inspire you further.

Midlife Manifesto is available to buy on booktopia.com.au and in good bookstores.

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