I am incredibly touched and humbled by the e-mails I have received from readers. I am so glad that "Midlife Manifesto" seems to have resonated with you....

"Thanks for articulating the vague disquiet I have felt for the last few years. Your book came to me at just the right time. 
Read it in one night last night and am now working through it thoughtfully and deliberately. 
Not all of it speaks directly to me , however in some places it was as if you personally jumped out of the page and slapped me, saying "WAKE UP TO YOURSELF, WOMAN!!"  
I intend to be fully awake to my life, move on without fear, and be myself - my true authentic self."

"I have just finished reading your book.  It is great.  I laughed and smiled a lot.  I named my son Dash two years ago to remind me to live a full life and lucky for me I have been vegan for many years as I love animals. Now I have three children and have to budget for all our futures.  It has certainly empowered me.  i am also doing my pelvic floors much more regularly.  There will be no more excuses about how I don't have time to meditate or do yoga.  I am me, a mum, a business owner, a partner, I want to build a straw bale so I better start embracing it all and enjoy it all along the way.  Thank you.  I really enjoyed it.  So proud that you learnt how to swim,  My dad was English and never really learnt how to swim properly.  i am completely computer illiterate but am now determined to one day learn how to use those things...."


"I am on the couch loving the book. Loving the poem The Dash.  
Jane Mathews is in my headspace completely, everything that she is expressing so well is so what I have been feeling for what seems absolutely ages. This is a great gift. Thank you so much."


Thank you for writing the book!
It is funny insightful helpful
I read it in one night now Im reading it again.


"Recently divorced, daughter completed Year 12 - off to uni interstate. Reading your book - love it. Have read many inspiring books over the years without taking action. Now time to take action.
Congratulations - thank you for sharing your insights, experiences and knowledge in your book. Love the way it is put together - simple. There is beauty in simplicity. Thank you. Blessings and beauty in your life."

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